A smart, integrated industrial system: from production to installation


Field experience for innovative production

The Salcef Group constantly invests in the synergy between direct production and installing track components, offering increasingly integrated solutions to the international market.

The Group's extensive experience in railway renewal and construction allows it to identify the functional characteristics that concrete products and rolling stock must have in order to guarantee perfect operation and optimal project creation, meeting customer needs to the full.

Salcef Group know-how has developed a comprehensive industrial production system, which can support all the operational phases of the construction process and is continually focussed on new solutions and high performance products.

Railway sleepers and precast concrete systems are produced directly, both in Italy in the Aprilia industrial complex managed by the subsidiary Overail S.r.l., and in plants abroad for specific contracts.

Efficient logistics for traffic safety and environmental sustainability

As well as concrete products, the Salcef Group produces rolling stock for the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructures. In particular, the SRT company produces modular platforms based on multimodal wagons with 2 and 4 axles, on which it is possible to install multiple outfittings: from hoppers for ballast unloading to concrete mixers that lay concrete directly in line.

These vehicles can also transport and lay concrete products for optimal logistic organisation, allowing transport from the production plant directly to the work site, also thanks to the presence of a rail link and the strategic location of the Aprilia industrial complex.

The advantages are manifold: a considerable reduction in procurement costs, avoiding accidental damage by reducing the movement of concrete products, and safeguarding the environment by using rail transport instead of road transport.