The Salcef Group will be present at the largest Swedish trade fair dedicated to the railway sector from 8th to 10th October.
The Salcef Group develops in the railway electrification sector and grows on the Austro-German market.
On July 11th, the shareholders' meeting of the Industrial Stars of Italy 3 S.p.A. SPAC (Indstars 3) approved the business combination with the Salcef Group S.p.A.
The Salcef Group has a daily commitment to carrying out works for the safety and proper functioning of railway infrastructures worldwide.
The ninth edition of Italy's showcase dedicated to the railway industry is approaching; the Salcef Group will be present to share the results of a year of important achievements.
The path to achieving the merger between the two companies, which will lead to a capital increase, stock exchange listing and greater investments, continues.
Overail will supply prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs to upgrade the transport system in an important region of Southern Italy.
The Salcef Group S.p.A. and Industrial Stars of Italy 3 S.p.A. sign the framework agreement for a business combination, which represents the first step towards listing on the stock exchange.
Vianini Industria changes its company name and becomes Overail: under the guidance of the Salcef Group, the historic Aprilia industrial complex is undergoing renovation to increase production and expand its concrete products offer.
Salcef Group is part of a research project funded by the European Union to develop new measures to protect railways from sand in desert regions.