The Castelplanio-Montecarotto double-track opens

Salcef completes the Casteplanio-Montecarotto double track section on the line linking Rome and Ancona. On 10 June, the westbound track was opened, completing the double track between Castelplanio and Montecarotto stations. The work is an important part of a larger project for mobility in central Italy.




Main stages

Work at the construction site, which began in February 2002, has long remained at an impasse, until October 2015 when Salcef officially took over as sole executor.

The first phase of the project was completed in 21 months when the eastbound track opened on 9 July 2017.
In the following months Salcef created a new railway embankment, further noise barriers, hydraulic protection works, new roads and underpasses.

On March 26th of this year, the Castelplanio Station was officially inaugurated, and on 10th June the westbound track was opened, to officially double the railway line
Salcef completed the entire project 7 months ahead of schedule, including track works, civil and ancillary works.


The project in figures 

  • 12 km of new track and overhead line
  • 4 km of new railway embankment
  • 4,943 m of noise barriers 
  • 2 railway viaducts
  • 10 underpasses
  • Hydraulics protection works
  • New Local Strategic Plan of Castelplanio-Cupramontana station