Salcef has just started building the new Olbia railway station, located along the line that crosses the Sardinia Region.


Stazione Olbia


The new station, which will be built in an area currently used as a freight yard, is part of a larger programme of territorial restructuring that involves urban, architectural and environmental works.

The project, characterised by attractive and innovative design and by the use of advanced materials, will allow the city to offer a new public space, through the recovery and redevelopment of a disused area.

In addition to the railway facility, the overall project includes a series of works that will all be made by Salcef, including the arrangement of sidewalks adjacent to the station and the construction of new parking lots, a pedestrian boulevard and road access by bus and taxis with respective parking areas.


The Olbia station features

The new station has a passenger building, a technological building and a newsagent. The aim of the project, which has a high architectural impact, was to create a modern design work.

The reinforced concrete structures will be entirely covered with panels in GFRC - Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete in dark red.

The element that most characterises the new station from an architectural point of view is the first platform roofing which defines the spaces, establishing a strong continuity between the interior and the exterior through curvature and changes in height.