Salcef helps build the new metro in the Saudi Arabian capital, obtaining a productivity award for its excellent performance.


The Salcef Group is completing the construction of the Line 3 track that will run through Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.
Cutting-edge solutions, ample resources and efficient organisation have enabled Salcef to overcome numerous technical and logistical challenges and to maintain high quality and production performance by completing over 80% of the entire infrastructure in just 16 months.

Thanks to these results, the consortium responsible for the project received an award for excellent production during 2017 from RMTC - Riyadh Metro Transit Consultants.


West Depot


Salcef is responsible for the final design and construction of the 91.4 km of track that make up the line, in addition to the supply of materials and the installation of 62 turnouts.

During construction the Group has had to face numerous problems posed by extreme climatic conditions (with temperatures up to 50°) and by the particular characteristics of the work. The building site of the new line is distributed throughout the capital’s territory and crosses densely inhabited areas, with intense traffic at all times of the day.

The technical solutions adopted, the resources employed and efficient logistics have allowed Salcef to guarantee an average daily production of around 300 meters of track, with peaks of up to 350 meters.


For more information on the project, see "Salcef for the Riyadh Metro".


  Main technical data
  Total line length: 41.1 km of double track
  Line on prestressed concrete span viaducts: 25.4 km
  Line in tunnels: 8.6 km (5.7 km excavated with TBM)
  Surface line: 7.1 km
  Number of stations: 22