A new contract for Overail

Overail will supply prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs to upgrade the transport system in an important region of Southern Italy.


Overail S.r.l., a Salcef Group company specialised in concrete sleeper production and prefabricated systems, has signed a contract for the supply of precast slabs to extend the Alifana railway line (Aversa Centro-Piscinola metro section).

The aim of the project is better-integrated mobility, thanks to the link with the metro Line 1 of Naples, one of the most important cities in Southern Italy.


The products manufactured by Overail are a fundamental part of the floating slab track system that will be built.

This type of ballastless track has the advantage of reducing vibrations caused by the passage of trains and safeguarding the surrounding environment, which is highly urbanised.

Overail will supply prefabricated slabs for track, in addition to differently shaped and sized turnout slabs.