Salcef is 12th among the 50 best Italian construction companies

With a production value of over 319 million euros, the Salcef Group rises to 12th place in the ranking of the best 50 Italian construction companies, published by the financial journal Il Sole 24 Ore.




The most important Italian financial journal has compiled a new ranking of the top 50 Italian construction companies, based on economic data for 2018.

This study looks at the most important Italian companies in the construction and civil works sectors: 39 general and 11 specialist companies. It presents a complex and changing scenario, from which the ability of several Italian companies to consolidate and improve their performance emerges.

In 2018, the turnover of the 50 largest companies in the sector reached almost 16.8 billion euros (+ 0.6%) and the backlog grew by 2.6%. Nearly 72,000 are Top 50 employees, an increase in the workforce of 5.9% compared to the previous year.

The 2018 results confirm the positive trend for the Salcef Group: the company, which had gained four positions in the previous ranking now takes another step forward to 12th place.


Source: Edilizia e Territorio, Top 50 Costruttori, October 18, 2019, published by Il Sole 24 Ore