Salcef's commitment to railway maintenance

The Salcef Group has a daily commitment to carrying out works for the safety and proper functioning of railway infrastructures worldwide.


Renewal works are destined to increase, the numbers speak for themselves: all over the world, more than one million kilometres of railway need maintenance or replacement.

In Europe, 50% of annual investments in the railway sector by EU institutions concern maintenance, which is essential to guarantee a safe and reliable European rail network.

With over 7,000 km of track renewed in Italy and abroad, the Salcef Group boasts solid experience and operational skills that are among the best on the international market. Railway maintenance represents one of the most important Salcef core businesses: over 90% of production value is in fact made up of railway renewal.


Track Renewal Train


The Salcef Group carries out both routine maintenance to maintain or restore the efficiency of infrastructures, in order to reduce natural wear linked to use, and extraordinary maintenance (railway renewal), which is not cyclical but planned and mandatory and involves renewing the superstructure by replacing the main track components (e.g. sleepers, rails and ballast).

Considerable commitment is required to be competitive in the field of maintenance: large investments in specific machinery, specialised personnel and the ability to manage highly complex construction sites, usually operating at night with strict schedules, to minimise the impact on rail circulation. Salcef meets all these needs and puts railway renewal at the centre of its business.

The Group owns a fleet of over 500 vehicles, including 4 renewal trains and 8 ballast cleaners; it has a large percentage of highly specialised workers, constantly invests in continuous training and is certified by the RFI – the Italian Railway Network Manager - for railway infrastructure maintenance.


Ballast Cleaning