The Bucharest M5 Metro Line

Salcef has completed 98% of the track on the Romanian capital's new M5 metro line.


By December 2019, the Salcef Group had virtually finished the work it was commissed to carry out, with 98% of track on the new line complete.

The M5 line of the Bucharest Metro links the south-west of the city to the existing metro network. It will help reduce high levels of traffic in the capital and make urban mobility more sustainable.

As a specialised subcontractor, the Salcef Group built 15 km of track (7.5 km of line) and installed 43 turnouts, as well as building five maintenance lines in the depot on pit track and installing the third rail.


The project in figures
  • 15 km of track on EBS (Embedded Block System)
  • 5 lines in the depot on pit track
  • 43 turnouts with 5 double crossovers
  • Installation of the third rail along the entire line