The new Olbia station takes shape

Building work on the new station of Olbia, a Sardinian city by the sea, is proceeding quickly. The Salcef Group already completed all the reinforced concrete structures in December.


A bright, modern building that mixes dynamic forms with transparencies and innovative materials: this is the shape of the new station that Salcef is building on behalf of RFI.

Ordnance clearance and soil remediation took place in October 2018. After the foundation excavation was complete, Salcef has built all of the reinforced concrete structures for the passenger and technological buildings, platforms and canopies. Flooring, walls and coverings are currently being completed.




Urbanisation works, which are essential for a complete recovery of the entire surrounding area, are also well advanced. Work is scheduled for completion in 2020.

This project is part of a wider territorial reorganisation programme that will return the railway space to the city, making it an integral part of the urban landscape and it will help to relieve traffic congestion by eliminating level crossings.

The new station, located along the line that crosses the Sardinia region, will also be part of an intermodal rail and road transport system thanks to a bus parking area.


Major works

  • Construction of the new train station: a passenger building, a technological building, a newsagent’s, platforms and canopies
  • a kiss and ride park and new parking lots; 
  • a pedestrian boulevard and road access by bus and taxis with respective parking areas.