Salcef for the American market

Salcef USA Inc. is born: a new Salcef Group company to develop production and infrastructure for the US market.


Salcef USA Inc., a US company headquartered in Delaware and wholly owned by the Salcef Group S.p.A., was established on March 12th. The Salcef Group aims to offer multiple services to the American market through this new company: from the construction of new lines to railway maintenance, the supply of rolling stock and concrete products for track systems.

The railway infrastructure in the United States is the most extensive in the world, with around 200,000 km of track and over 500 railway stations. Rail transport is one of the pillars of the national economy, moving around 5 million tons of goods per day.




The situation in the U.S. is a dynamic one that still has to express its maximum potential. Trains in the USA are rarely used for passenger transport and a high-speed infrastructure is yet to be built.

The US market therefore offers extensive opportunities for development on several fronts: from the maintenance of existing infrastructures to the implementation of new technologies such as high-speed rail, and the production and installation of track systems for urban mobility in big cities.