Salcef for the Etihad Rail Project

The Salcef Group will be part of the project to complete the United Arab Emirates national rail network, with the construction of 280 km of track.


Etihad Rail has approved package A of the second call for tenders to build an infrastructure that links the United Arab Emirates’ border with Saudi Arabia.

The 410 million dollar contract was awarded via tender to a joint venture that has chosen the Salcef Group to complete the track works.

Package A includes the design and construction of civil works and 280 km of track on the UAE national rail network, linking the cities of Ruwais and Ghuweifat, on the border with Saudi Arabia. Once the works are complete, the railway will extend for a total of 605 km, from Ghuweifat to the port of Fujairah.




The project is part of a 1,200 km network that will connect the main cities of the United Arab Emirates and will become an integral part of the proposed railway system to link all the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in the Persian Gulf.

Work on Package A will begin shortly and must be completed within 19 months. Salcef will be responsible for 280 km of track and 27 turnouts, as well as building a welding plant to produce long welded rails.

The Salcef Group has a wealth of experience in building new railway infrastructures in complex operational situations with extreme weather conditions. In the past, Salcef helped construct the first UAE railway line by building 420 km of double and single-track freight line.