Trains in Sculpture

The Salcef Group publishes a book dedicated to international sculptures representing the world of trains and railways.


There is a very special link between art and trains that has led artists and sculptors from all over the world to create works, installations and models related to the world of railways.

The traditional, popular art book produced each year by Salcef is dedicated this year to the exploration of this intriguing and fascinating theme.

The book is a real world tour: from England where there is a train entirely made of bricks, to Denmark where you can admire a life-sized train carved in sand, and to a Chinese province bordering on Siberia where there is the largest and coldest ice locomotive in the world. It is also a journey through the most varied types of materials used to create these works: from iron to bronze, from flowers to chocolate, from air to sand, from paper to straw, and from lead to ceramics.


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Trains in Sculpture