Complete solutions for the railway sector

Rail transport is still today the main goods and passenger transport method in many countries and remains a key element of development and socio-economic rebalancing in local areas.

The need to reinforce existing networks and keep them running efficiently, as well as creating new, strategically important routes, has made rail construction one of the most relevant sectors on the global scene.

To ensure high levels of transport safety, companies operating in this sector must adhere to strict safety standards and use specific technologies and operating techniques to optimise production, while providing the highest quality in order to meet customer expectations.

The Salcef Group has always invested in technological innovation and consolidating know-how, by operating on the international market as a reliable partner for public bodies and private firms, and is able to provide integrated solutions for developing projects in the railway sector.

Thanks to its internal organisation, today Salcef operates in various rail transport fields: from passenger to goods transport, from long distance to urban mass transportation, and on both standard and high-speed lines up to 350 km/h.

The Group is an expert in rail projects, both in the construction of new lines and the renewal, rehabilitation and maintenance of existing ones. The Group boasts extensive experience not only in the field of ballast railways, but also in so-called ‘ballastless’ track systems, mainly used for the construction of tramways and metro lines.

Salcef’s operational divisions are organised to work on both rail superstructures and on electric traction and signalling systems, as well as on all other kinds of civil works connected to railway infrastructures.