Salcef - Track Renewal

Solid experience in valorising the existing railways

The most important sector of Salcef’s core business is track renewal, or the partial or total replacement of the railway superstructure, usually during partial traffic interruptions.

Salcef - Track Renewal

Track renewal takes place on structured sites using high performance machinery.

Salcef has a productivity rate of up to 1 km of track per day, depending on the duration of the partial interruption, including sleeper and rail replacement, ballast restoration or the replacement and reactivation of the line, guaranteeing high productivity and high quality standards.

Salcef - Track Renewal

Thanks to its wide experience in track renewal and vast range of equipment ready to be transported worldwide, Salcef is a leading company in the sector, with 7,000 km of track renewed in the last twenty years.

Salcef’s ability to adapt its machinery to any railway dimensions allows the Company to easily work on standard, broad and narrow gauge lines.

Main reference: Cairo-Aswan line track renewal