Salcef - OLE & Signalling

Powering railway transport

The Salcef Group has operated in the electric traction sector since 2008, the year in which it took over Osvaldo Cariboni S.p.A., a historic company working in the rail electrification field.

Thanks to the experience it gained, Salcef is today able to offer engineering, building, renewal and maintenance services for contact lines, both in Italy and abroad.

Salcef - OLE & Signalling

By utilising the in-depth knowledge and specialisations of its Technologies Division, Salcef ensures the management of traditional 3 kV DC systems, 25 kV AC traction systems and 750 V DC systems, used for tramways, trolleybus and metro lines.

Salcef provides clients with a full range of services, from performing feasibility studies such as feasible and detailed projects, to systems installation, inspections and testing.

Salcef has also been qualified by the RFI (the Italian Railway Network Manager) to carry out maintenance classification yard operations for railway signalling systems in Italy.