Salcef - Sleeper Production

European quality & proven experience

The Salcef Group constantly invests in the synergy between the direct production and installation of track components, to offer increasingly integrated services to the international market.

The Group directly produces railway sleepers and other concrete products, such as slabs for urban transport systems and tunnel segments.

Salcef has extensive experience in managing production plants, both through the acquisition of the historic Vianini Industria company, and during the execution of specific contracts abroad, where it produced prestressed monoblock concrete sleepers. 

The Group’s know-how and production abilities are now available to its customers as support services for their contracts.

Vianini plant

Vianini Industria: more than 13 million sleepers produced since the 1960s

Salcef controls Vianini Industria S.r.l., which has long been one of the main suppliers of the Italian State Railways Group and has produced concrete products for the most important infrastructure projects in Italy (from high speed to metro lines) since the 1960s. 

Vianini Industria owns a plant for the production of railway sleepers and other concrete products in Aprilia, Southern Italy. Salcef’s acquisition of Vianini allowed the Group to boost its production capacity and expand its offer of services and products to clients.

Tunnel segments

Salcef-Siegwart, an example of high productivity and quality

The Group’s most successful case history abroad is the Salcef-Siegwart factory in Cairo where Salcef produced the first concrete sleepers in Africa to comply with European standards. 

The factory is completely mechanised and includes a cement production plant and a fully equipped laboratory to carry out European Quality Standard tests.

Salcef - Sleeper Production